The Magic Sea (Extraordinary Trip) – Eng Subtitle

Thousands of waves and Yanzi, students of the Juvenile Ocean School, encountered a tornado during a boat voyage. When they fell into the sea, they found a blue-and-white porcelain brush wash. Through the rain in the brush wash, Qian Lang and Yanzi saw a well-equipped fleet of 27,000 people, and it was the Ming voyage that led this fleet to the West. Home-Zheng He. On the way, the fleet fought against pirates wisely and captured the leader Chen Zuyi alive. However, one wave after another, Zheng He was ordered by the court to escort Princess Yuxue to the country of Gali to get married. The pirate Chen San, who was lucky enough to escape, provoke the King of Gali to turn against Daming and tricked him to steal the right to life and death. The stick, intends to set off a huge wave to kill Zheng He's fleet in the sea. At the very moment, Qian Lang and Yanzi fought side by side with Zheng He across time and space, and a fierce naval battle began.
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