TALE OF WUXIA – Eng Subtitle

Synopsis/ Synopsis: In the last years of the Ming Dynasty, the martial arts was turbulent, and the Mu family retreats to practice. On the night of leaving the customs, his son Mu Zhengtian's wife gave birth to a baby boy, which excites the Mu master and wants to pass on the practice brocade box to future generations. , Inheriting the purpose of the Mu family's support for justice, unexpectedly his sinister brother Mu Yangrong colluded with the Black Hawk Gang to snatch the brocade box and wash the Mu family blood. After the incident, the Black Hawk Gang deliberately threatened that the brocade box was a martial arts secret book. This matter flowed out, and the situation broke out for a while, triggering a struggle among people in the world for the martial arts secret book.
The housekeeper of Mu's house raised and grew up alone. The Mu family was lonely and speechless. His justice was upright, but he was self-willed. He wanted to be a knight, in order to avenge the Mu family. During this period, I got acquainted with the major gangs and got involved in disputes between the rivers and lakes. In the end, in order to resolve the grievances of the arena and at the same time to destroy the conspiracy of the black hawks to help hegemony, wordlessly teamed up with the gang of gangs and made concerted efforts to help justice and start a life-and-death battle with the evil black hawks
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