Richie Mensah reacts as Nigerian drags Kuami Eugene to court over song theft claim


CEO of Lynx Entertainment,RichieMensah has reacted to a lawsuit filed against his artiste,Kuami Eugene, by a Nigerian.

Ghana-based Nigerian artiste, Oduma Essan days ago reportedly suedKuami Eugenefor allegedly sampling his song titled ‘Show Body’.

However,Richiestates there is no similarity between the two songs in question with the exception of the title, ‘Show Body’.

According to reports, the singer is claiming part ownership ofKuami Eugene’s ‘hit song featured on his ‘Son of Africa’ album released in October 2020.

Speaking exclusively to Doreen Avio,Richiesaid this is a “nonsense case”.

“Anybody who listens to the two songs will see that there is no similarity whatsoever. The only thing that is similar about the two songs is that they are both called SHOW BODY. However, they released their song in August, in July,Kuami Eugeneannounced his album’s tracklist and SHOW BODY was one of the songs on the album tracklist. The song was recorded in May, Falz recorded and sent his verse on 6th June, everything was done, publishing was done and in July we published the tracklist. But because the video came out in October, they were thinking that theirs was announced before Eugene’s. So if they come with a story, they can get some attention. But this is what I mean, all it takes the media people to do a check or to reach out and find out that this is sorry to say nonsense case”, he said.

RichieMensah also questioned why the Nigerian artiste, Oduma Essan ran to the media to make his case while the matter is in court.

“Let’s even play the devil’s advocate and say that they have any case whatsoever, so they are takingKuami Eugeneto court, is the media the courthouse? What business has this got to do in the media? When somebody is suing somebody for a house or somebody is fighting over land ownership, do we come on the media to speculate on who is right or wrong? So the moment somebody does that, we should realize that the person is looking for attention because if the person was looking for a solution, you went to the right place, you went to the court, so stay in the court and get your solution. Why are you going to the media?”, he quizzed.

“This artist has taken it to court, and our lawyer sent everything to show them that this case makes no sense. So it’s up to the court to decide. As I’m saying this, you can just go check or googleKuami Eugene’s Son Of Africa tracklist and you will see it was released like a month before they (Nigerian artiste, Oduma Essan) even released their song”

In a suit Nigerian artiste, Oduma Essan filed sighted by, the singer Oduma Essan claimed he released his song with the same title, ‘Show Body’, on July 17, months before the Lynx Entertainment singer’s song was released.

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