I Want To Be A Professional Murderer In The Future – Kidi Tells Future Dreams


A video going viral indicates a small boy telling what he wants to become in the future. He was asked what he want to become in the future. The interviewer who happens to be his teacher got shocked by what the boy reviewed.

Everyone parents or guardian wants their kids or wards to have bright future dreams that they will be proud of. But story from this boy shocks the whole world and shiver all those who listen and watch the video, causing a lot of debate among television panelists.

I love like killing and want to be murder in the future. I want to kill everyone in this world except my family. I just lke killing, the boy narrated.

Watch the video below;

Can a kid like this be tolerated in the land of Africa? what do you also think of this? let’s hear from you in the comment section.

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