Enormous Beef Emerging: Samini Embarks On Serious Beef With Shatta Wale


Beef upon beef, this canker is becoming the norm for Ghanaian celebrities. To elevate their fame or to their own reason or motive to engage in this act, one cannot tells but all end up futile. The attitude of intolerance about we Ghanaians is what deprives us, the love and desire to support one another and with one objective to push the country forward. We are all being callous and always of our own selves or the family.

Recent beef thoughts have diminished into total darkness, and that saboteur attitudes drained out from our body systems but am being mistaken and imprecise.

Contents going viral from the camp of Samini depicts serious beef that when responded to will cause massive commotion between Samini and 1 Don Shatta Wale. The contents indicate jabs thrown directly to Shatta Wale and that response being awaited to inflate the beef.

Shatta Wale is one kind who doesn’t tolerate certain issues around his door steps to go unattended. Well, let’s see if he will let this pass and peace being maintained for once.

Check out the screenshots of the jabs Samini posted on his Twitter account that is going viral below;

Well, lets also hear what you say about this article…should these things continue? your answers at the comment section below.

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