Beyond impossible


Most of the things which seem to be impossible are not really impossible. As soon as you’re able to look at those seemingly impossible things from a higher level of awareness, they suddenly become very possible indeed. Impossible is a concept which exists in your mind. And by expanding your thinking you can make possible those things which were once impossible for you.

History is filled with the achievement of things which were once considered absolutely impossible. In your own life, there are things you thought you’d never do, or see, or become, that now you take for granted.

What was once impossible for you can indeed become a reality. The reality will begin with your acceptance that it is possible. Once you get to the place where you know it is possible, it has already started to happen. Let your mind and spirit go above and beyond what seems impossible. You’ll find that it can be done, and indeed you’ll find that you are doing it.

By: Kofi Asante Mensah (Motivational Scientist)


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